Tuesday, January 14, 2020


My attention and time were constantly strained by all of the extensive materials required by the courts in this case. Moreover the date of my trial was changed several times dragging through this past summer and all of this is behind me now. Am looking forward to starting college again and experiencing some positive growth in my life and career, ND to also set a good example for my daughter as I am a single parent trying to make a difference.My desired outcome of my financial aid appeal is to be approved which means to have another chance at finishing college because if don't get this chance again I know for a fact that I will never finish college, as work a minimum wage job and have a child to take care of, and I want to better our life. I understand will be put on financial aid probation. I feel very nonevent that I am able to continue my coursework and improve my academic progress.I intend to register and repeat the coursework in the classes that failed. I will also use the assign ment planner to help me stay on track. Am enclosing a part of my divorce decree showing when we got separated and when moved out DCE 201 2 but we were having problems way before that, and my daughters surgery follow up appointment date. Appreciate you time, understanding, and consideration of this request. Thank you in advance.

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